Right Click, Right On

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Right Click Rules

Outlook’s often obscure but oh so powerful tool is right click.

Right click on an item and you’ll get a drop-down menu with multiple options.

Right click, hold and drag enables one to copy and/or move items among Mail, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts. For instance, to

  • copy to create meetings, right click and copy the current appointment to a new date on the calendar
  • share multiple contacts with your colleagues, highlight the chosen contacts, right click and drag to Mail and choose copy here with attachment
  • make a task, right click, hold and drag an email or another Outlook item into Tasks (at the bottom left in Outlook)
  • never mis-file emails, right click, hold and drag an email to a folder or your hard drive; when you release, it will ask you to move, copy or cancel

Right Click – Do it NOW!

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