Remember Electronically

We all know it’s impossible to remember everything ; Grocery lists, accounting codes, or the hockey play-off schedule. This leaves us with the option to either forget about it all and live in blissful ignorance (although the blissfulness may be brief) or to record it somewhere. But where?

You’ve seen the notebook your grandpa keeps in the front pocket of his shirt. There’s pages and receipts falling out of it, and he wastes a good chunk of time searching through it when he needs to find something.

If you do still where shirts with pockets, then we advise you to refrain from carrying that collection of scrap paper with you. Nor should you bring all the stickies with you when you leave the office, as they don’t fit that executive image you’re trying to portray, and filing them can be difficult when they don’t keep their stickiness.

To store your information electronically, just create an electronic note in your Microsoft Outlook or a memo in your smartphone. The notes in both of these virtual locations will mirror one another when you synchronize your smartphone with your computer, which makes it easy to create notes on your computer, using a full keyboard, and to bring those notes with you on your smartphone.

So next time you have one of those “lightbulb” moments, unload your good ideas into your Outlook or smartphone instead of putting pen to paper. You’ll feel much less weighed down by the things you need to remember and the pieces of scrap paper you’ve been using to record them.

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