15 Minute Intervals

Easily Amass Minutes

Whether you use a paper agenda, Outlook, or Entourage, view and schedule your day in 15-minute intervals.

• To change Outlook, while in Calendar click: View>Arrange by>Current View>Customize>Other Settings>Time Scale>15
• Note: if, for example, you bill in 6 min. intervals, as many lawyers do, you can choose 6 instead of 15.

Minutes planned is minutes gained.

When you view things in 1-hour blocks, you book things in 1-hour blocks. If you schedule a 45-minute meeting from 2:00-3:00, believe me, the meeting will run until 3:00.

It’s not about trying to schedule every waking minute of your day with productivity; it’s about spending your time wisely.

By actually seeing proportionate time, you can see how long events really are. You will be more judicious with your time. “Extra” time won’t dissolve into the abyss of your busyness.

If you like to have 15 minutes of “open time” after an appointment for note-taking or catching up on messages, then schedule this into your calendar. Call it “catch up time”, or “down time” or “coffee time” whatever you want.

In a typical work day, there are 32 15-minute segments. Open your calendar, view all 32. Bulk them for longer events and break them up for smaller tasks. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can fit into a day measured out in increments.

You don’t just have 8 hours to get it all done. You have 32×15-minutes!

15 minutes to freedom …
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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